Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Good Day!

So today is a great day…not only did I just finish the last exam of my academic career (assuming I passed my classes), but now I’m going to the Red Wings playoff game. How awesome…

Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday

Well I’m another year old…that means I’m 26 years old…so happy birthday to me (and to k.g.'s mom). Also today marks a significant millstone for the my family. As of today we have owned our farm in Pigeon for 100 years. So happy anniversary to E. Farms!

So for my birthday entry last year I listed the horrible national tragedies that have taken place around my birthday (Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine) and stated that I consider it a good birthday if no major tragedies take place within a week of my birthday…well I guess this year isn’t a good birthday. As we all know this past Monday at Virginia Tech the worst campus shooting in US history took place. I know only the basic information about this event and don’t have much to say with the exception that I’m disappointed with NBC. They granted the wish of a suicidal mass murder…I know NBC did nothing illegal and were sitting on hot information that the masses would eat up, but they just gave that guy exactly what he wanted and encouraged other likeminded individuals to do the same thing. Had NBC just turned it over to the police then they would probably have gone unnoticed for their noble act…I guess that would be why it was noble then.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Belated Anniversary

So I really thought I started this blog on April 17th of 2006, but now that I went to write a quick happy anniversary to my blog I realize I started it on the 15th. Man I missed my blogs anniversary...luckily it can't get mad at me. So heres to 1 whole year and 2 days of blogging.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Today is the perfect day to update the blog...I originally started my blog because when I'm working long hours I need to periodically take a moment to do something that's not work but won't take up a lot of time. If reading did feel like work to me I would probably just read other peoples blogs, but to me babbling is much more relaxing than reading (though I do enjoy reading much more now than in my youth). Anyway, so today I've been processing and writing all day (I literally got up, sat down at my computer, and have worked since that point...haven't even gotten dressed today) and now I need a break and must update my blog. While trying to think of something to write about I came across the first picture of Demoree and I as a couple. This I figured should be written about since it accomplishes two things; (1) well I haven't mentioned here on my blog yet and felt it was time (since the vast majority of those that read this blog are either friends with her or at least have met her since we've been dating) and (2) there is a mildly funny story associated with the picture.

So now that you've been introduced to Demoree the mildly funny story is pretty obvious...yeah you can bet our friends made fun of us a little for completely matching after only dating a couple weeks. It fact Mike just couldn't wait to get his camera to capture this moment...thanks Mike. It was probably funnier to be there, but I'm sure you can imagine.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

O, Death

I’m going to share something that probably only a few people know (in fact I’m only confident that Sherry knows this about me). There is a song that I fight the urge to sing all the time…seriously it is the default song that will be in my head if I haven’t listened to any music recently. Sherry hates the song and I kind of suspect that she thought in Memphis I sang it just to annoy her…honestly it wasn’t. The song is actually quite morbid so I don’t know what that says about me. Anyway, here are the lyrics so everyone can get a taste of what goes through my head quite frequently.

O, Death
By: Ralph Stanley

O, Death
O, Death
Won't you spare me over til another year
Well what is this that I can't see
With ice cold hands takin' hold of me
Well I am death, none can excel
I'll open the door to heaven or hell
Whoa, death someone would pray
Could you wait to call me another day
The children prayed, the preacher preached
Time and mercy is out of your reach
I'll fix your feet til you cant walk
I'll lock your jaw til you cant talk
I'll close your eyes so you can't see
This very air, come and go with me
I'm death I come to take the soul
Leave the body and leave it cold
To draw up the flesh off of the frame
Dirt and worm both have a claim
O, Death
O, Death
Won't you spare me over til another year
My mother came to my bed
Placed a cold towel upon my head
My head is warm my feet are cold
Death is a-movin upon my soul
Oh, death how you're treatin' me
You've close my eyes so I can't see
Well you're hurtin' my body
You make me cold
You run my life right outta my soul
Oh death please consider my age
Please don't take me at this stage
My wealth is all at your command
If you will move your icy hand
Oh the young, the rich or poor
Hunger like me you know
No wealth, no ruin, no silver no gold
Nothing satisfies me but your soul
O, death
O, death
Won't you spare me over til another year