Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leg Cuts

Recently I’ve had some really bad luck with getting cuts on my legs. Between Sunday and Tuesday of this week I cut or scraped my leg at least 5 times. One I found while watching TV with Demoree on my ankle, which I still have no idea where it came from (see below picture, far left). I was sitting there and my sock felt weird so I reach down there and it felt like the sock was stuck to me and there was a little pain. I took a closer look and I had a decent amount of flesh missing and Demoree noticed that the sock was stuck to me because blood had pooled up on the inside and dried there...I'm having some serious back luck in this area.

Best leg cuts from this past week. The right ankle (left) has no known cause, right lower shin (middle) was the result of medal stairs that have a sharp corner, and left back of the leg (right) was caused by the same corner on the stairs but walking in opposite direction.

[Yesterday I actually went the entire day without cutting my leg in the lab...though I did roll my ankle pretty bad. So I guess that's an improvement...right?]

Monday, February 18, 2008

IM Championship #2

So this past weekend I won my second co-ed intramural championship with the Underdogs. Tomorrow night is the championship game at Chrysler Arena for my other IM team, but sadly I won't be able to play due to other business.

2008 Co-Ed BB Intramural Champions (courtesy of UM Rec)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Prayer Rug

I recently received in the mail my very own “prayer rug.” I think they very loosely use the term rug since as far as I can tell it is simply a piece of paper with a print that looks similar to a rug. The amazing this is this piece of paper, sorry I mean rug, is “soaked with the Power of Prayer.” Apparently this means that this group as basically figured out how to force God to give us whatever our wildest dreams are…just see one of the included fliers.

Just some of possibilities that you can get if you use this prayer rug.
So I snapped a picture of the prayer rug, but I hesitated to put it on the internet since it could present the possibility of anyone printing their very own prayer rug. Then I realized it won’t be “soaked with the power of prayer” though. So I suppose I can show it to everyone.

Prayer piece of paper, I mean rug.

So if you haven’t figured it out already I’m being sarcastic. Now it isn’t to criticize those that actually believe that this piece of paper somehow increases their odds of God answering their prayer in the way they desire. I believe the world is filled with people that are in desperate need of hope and perhaps, while misguided, this kind of thing gives someone hope. What really bothers me is that 1) these groups that promote the “gospel of prosperity” and 2) that this kind of crap sent out randomly gives so many unbelievers the wrong impression of what Christianity is.

Those that believe that prayer results in you getting whatever you want and if you don’t then you lack faith are completely wrong. I disagree with many dogmatic issues and I believe that in most cases those that disagree with me have some solid ground to stand on, I just simply believe that the solid ground I’m standing on is more firm. However when it comes to this idea I have no room for argument because if Jesus Christ himself was unable to pray and get what he wanted why should we. Those that disagree with me on that statement better read Matthew 26:39 (“My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me”). Some may say that he then ended his prayer with “yet not as I will, but as you will” and this results in him not really asking for it. Well I’m sorry but everyone of us better be ending our prayers with that same sentence because we should ask boldly but also request that it only be given to us if it is in accordance with God’s Will…if you are a Christian surely you must believe that God’s Will is the best thing for you.

The first issue annoys me because that is an argument to have within the Body of Christ, but the second just simply angers me. They need to realize that while they are attempting to focus on the power of prayer they are actually just telling the world Christianity is all about getting money…which is one of the misconceptions the world already has about us. Instead of pointing out what is possible with prayer they need to focus on the message of salvation and forgiveness of sins. There are three things that need to be conveyed to an unbeliever…1) they are sinful (I think this point is pretty easily recognized since no rational person will say that they are perfect), 2) the wages of sin is death (we all face physical death and some will face eternal), and 3) God as paid for that sin and forgiveness can be found in Jesus Christ regardless of what they’ve done. Obviously more clarification is required on those key points, but whenever advertizing to the world the message should center around those facts, not getting what you want.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Ring

I have a number of things to update on, but the big news is that I have finally given Demoree her engagement ring. It worked out well that we were suppose to meet up after work yesterday and just before I left work I got news that the ring was ready. So I picked it up and "surprised" her with it. I say "surprised" for two reasons: (1) well she picked it out so it wasn't a real surprise and (2) she actually thought I was giving it to her that day because I had showed up for work later then normal (actually just over slept).

Demoree sporting her new bling

Close up of the ring.

Secondary News:
I’ve rearranged my apartment somewhat this past weekend, which also resulted in my apartment being cleaner then it’s been in quite some time.

Bedroom looking I fixed my bed frame, so no longer sleeping on the floor.

2) The rearranging was primarily motivated by my desire to setup a desk in my living room area to work on the puzzle Demoree’s parents got us. I haven't done a puzzle in so long, but as soon as I start I'm so addicted. (I promised Demoree I won't work on it unless she was there...though this morning on my way out the door I saw two pieces that were a clear match and put them together...sorry Demoree).

Our Sleeping Bear Dunes Puzzle.

3) The bridge I have to cross everyday to get to work still isn’t finished with the painting/repairs. Now this seems pretty stupid to write about, but the work started in the middle of the summer. Seriously they’ve done very little to it and from what I was told the bridge was stripped down and rebuilt only seven years ago…what are they doing? From what I can tell the only thing they do on it for the past few months have been changing the date on the sign saying when work would be done.

Bridge on Huron Parkway that will never be done with repairs.